About Us

The Gravitas Review of Business & Property Law founded in 1988 is a renowned peer-reviewed academic and practice journal covering business and property law issues. The journal is published quarterly by Gravitas Legal and Business Resources Limited in conjunction with the Department of Commercial and Industrial Law, University of Lagos, Akoka, Nigeria and the Department of Commercial Law, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Nigeria. It is designed for all serious business and property law practitioners and for academics with interest in theory and broader issues concerning these areas of law.

Our articles examine and review various Nigerian laws underpinning socio-economic activities but we also source materials from several other jurisdictions for comparison and distillation of international best practices. We feature articles on varied subjects including energy, international finance and transactions, economic crimes and sanctions, banking and finance, capital market and securities, maritime, taxation, real estate, construction, project finance and intellectual property, among others.